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Alef is now permanently part of the schools’s curriculum

Only in the first five months of the year, more than 500 students from Bourgas took part in joint educational initiatives, organized by Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” and various schools in the city. After Bulgaria was being granted with candidate status for membership in the International Alliance for Holocaust Remembrance, a number of schools directed their initiatives in support of this membership. In 2018 the country marks 75 years since the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews and paid tribute to the ones deported to the death camps from Aegan Thrace, Vardar Macedonia and Pirot. Most of the extracurricular events in the schools in Burgas are dedicated to this anniversary, for which organization and conduction Center “Alef” actively supported. Film screenings, discussions, lectures in informal environment, lessons and methodical help are just some of the initiatives set in Alef’s program. The formula is successful. This is obvious by the large-scale projects, held in some local schools. 

The three-month campaign entitled “Days in Memory of the Holocaust Victims” at the Mathematical High School “Acad. Nikola Obreshkov” finished successfully. With the help of their lecturers and center “Alef” through various educational forms, the high school students acquainted themselves in details with the events of 75 years ago and managed to make their own creative interpretations. Together with the High School of Tourism “Acad. Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov” was organized a competition for multimedia presentation “Holocaust-never again. Let’s Learn the Lessons from History”. More than 100 students from two schools in Bourgas took part in the competition, which through their presentations, proved that Holocaust was not a casual phenomenon, but a result of abuse and abuse of power. ‘’As a descendant of saved Jews, I thank you for the interest, the labor and the feelings you have put in. From the presentations you presented, I see that your teachers have taught you the most important thing – to be good people”, said Alberta Alkalay, president of center “Alef” and of the jury in the competition. Bourgas schools continue screening the documentary “To Remember”, production of center “Alef”. The film has no analogue in the country. The movie about the dramatic events in Bourgas from the beginning and the middle of 20th century, based on personal and authentic stories, become a kind of lesson in the field of theology. Five years after its creation, it continues to broadcast on national and regional televisions, to present itself at various forums, screen at schools, and viewers consider it as very exciting and educative.

Over the past two months “To Remember” was shown to nearly 100 students at the middle school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and twice in front of different classes at the Mathematical High School, where the projection will continue. The educational initiatives of center Alef aim to demonstrate to the young people the indestructible connection between Bulgarians and Jews, who for centuries coexisted with common values ​​and virtues. In 2017 Alef launches a series of educational meetings with students in support of the 5th and 7th grade curricula that will continue this year. Their aim is to inform children about the history, culture and religion of the Jews, how they have emerged in our lands, the roots and the moral principles that have built civil society in Bulgaria in an informal out-of-school environment.   

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(български) Пълен запис от церемонията по награждаване на участниците от VII Национален младежки литературен конкурс на “Алеф”

(български) VII национален младежки литературен конкурс

(български) Ден на спасението на българските евреи от Холокоста – RNTV репортаж

VI Национален литературен конкурс

VI national literary contest

Церемония по връчване званието '"Пазител на паметта"

Award Ceremony 'Keeper of Memory'

Пети национален литературен конкурс

Award ceremony for the participants in the V national literary contest

Откриване на паметна плоча, посветена на доблестните бургазлии спасили своите съграждани евреи

Opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in Burgas



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