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The Burgas’ Library was enriched with books in Hebrew

Moses Bahar from Israel gave as a gift books, written in Hebrew, to the Regional Library of Burgas “P.K. Yavorov”.  The donation from documentaries and fiction books contains 20 titles from popular Israeli authors. Among them is Shimon Peres’s autobiographical book “There is no Space for Small Dreams,” the critical biography of Benjamin Netanyahu, written by one of Israel’s most influential political journalists- Ben Caspit. There are also more titles by the Israeli journalist, politician and deputy Opher Shelah, the famous novelist Asaf Inbari, Nova Semel and others.

Moses Bahar is a Jew from Bulgarian origin, who left the country in 1950 at the age of three. 67 years later he returns to live on his native land and breathe in its air, as he says. He chooses Sozopol and in 2014 he permanently settled in the seaside town. He has learned Bulgarian in his family. An economist by education, he binds his life to culture and art through his impresario firm in Israel. He has donated books from famous Israeli authors to the library to give readers more and more diverse knowledge of literature and documentary.

The donation was carried out through Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” and its President Alberta Alkalay. The books were accepted by the director of the Regional Library “P.K. Yavorov”- Maria Bencheva. These are the first books in Hebrew that go into the library. In Bulgaria Hebrew is a less popular language. However, according to Maria Bencheva, there will be readers. Every year the region is visited by hundreds of Israeli tourists. The Regional Library in Burgas works under a contract with many of the hotels in which they are housed and now, if desired, will be able to provide literature in their language.

The donated literature will also be useful for Hebrew students in Bulgaria – mainly in the Classical High School in Sofia and in the “Herbaistics” specialty at the Sofia University, with which Center “Alef” recently launched joint initiatives.

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