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Burgas celebrates the Day of Rescuing the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust

With a solemn ritual organized by Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” Burgas celebrated the Day of Rescuing the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust. Wreaths and many flowers pile up the Memorial  Plaque of appreciation created by descendants of the brave and valiant Burgas public figures who did not allow their fellow Jews to be deported to the echelons of death 77 years ago.

“Today, we again express our respect and gratitude to Dyanko Pravchev, Petko Rosen, Lyubcho Zurkov, Peter Velchev and many other public figures and ordinary people who did not allow the tragedy that befell the Jewish communities in Europe to catch up with the Burgas Jews. In the terrible years of World War II, there are many examples of compassion, but there is no other country or nation that is organized to protect and save the entire Jewish population from certain death.

In the face of nascent antisymmetism, in an attempt to change history and neglect the Holocaust, the memorial date March 10 takes on a special significance for us, the descendants of the saviors and the saved. For us, this is the Day of Humanity. We are now here to declare our will not to allow such an act of mass human destruction to be repeated, “said Alberta Alkalay, a descendant of rescued Jews and president of Center “Alef”.”

Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Chairman of the Municipal Council Sevdalina Turmanova, Representatives of the Regional Administration, Representatives of the GERB Political Party, Representatives of the State Archives – Burgas, Representatives of the Bulgarian Anti-fascist Union, Municipal Councilors, Teachers and Directors of Burgas Schools, Descendants of the Rescued Jews and many citizens came to the Memorial Plaque of appreciation erected in the Burgas Tolerance Zone to pay their respects to the rescuers.


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(български) Пълен запис от церемонията по награждаване на участниците от VII Национален младежки литературен конкурс на “Алеф”

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Откриване на паметна плоча, посветена на доблестните бургазлии спасили своите съграждани евреи

Opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in Burgas



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