Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation

Center Alef honored the victims of the terrorists’ attack at Burgas’ Airport

For another year Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” expressed its respect for the memory of those, who died in the terrorist attack in Burgas’ airport on July 18, 2012. The Center took part again in a commemorative ceremony in memory of the Israelis Maor Harush, Elyor Pries, Icic Kolengi, Amir Menashe and Koshava Shriki and the Bulgarian- Mustafa Kyosov.

Representatives of ALEF laid a wreath at the memorial of the victims in the attack and expressed their sympathy for the pain of the ridiculously taken away innocent human lives. 

Representative of ALEF laid a wreath at the memorial of the victims in the attack





Besides relatives of the dead, the ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Committee on Internal Security and Public Order in the Parliament- Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the Deputy Minister of Interior Stefan Balabanov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Georg Georgiev, the Regional Governor of Burgas Valcho Cholakov, the Deputy Mayor of Burgas’ Municipality- Krassimir Stoichev, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria- Irit Lilian and other members of the Diplomatic Corps in Bulgaria, the Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Sofia- Ognian Zlatev, MPs, representatives of Jewish organizations in Bulgaria, public figures and journalists.

The attendants

 The ceremony was led by the Israeli Consul in Sofia- Asher Hoffman. A special prayer for the victims was given by Rabbi Joseph Salamon. Six candles spred up light to the souls of the victims. 

Rabbi Joseph Salamon






The Ambassador of the State Israel in Bulgaria Irit Lilian

“The brightest minds, the free global society have not yet found a cure against hatred and radicalism that spreads too quickly in a world of greater connectivity. We have no choice but to resist it, to be united in the fight against terrorism, to ensure better international coordination and cooperation, a better flow of information, better practices. Israel and Bulgaria give a daily example of such an exchange that promotes security and stability” said Ambassador Lillian. “The unwritten covenant that we have to fulfill is to continue our struggle for a better world by preserving our eternal striving for peace,” she urged.

Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev

 “We should not show mercy in any way to the face of terrorism, because we will not receive it.” This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev, who also read a salutation from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva. It says: “Those who are destroyed by the hand of terror are with us in each of our days. What is more, the memory of them leaves us the duty to keep peace, to appreciate human life and to prevent conflicts. In Bulgaria we do not forget this, along with the example of their ancestors, who saved 75 years ago from the death camps more than 50,000 of their countrymen from Jewish origin. ”

Deputy Interior Minister- Stefan Balabanov

Remembrance speech was delivered by Deputy Interior Minister- Stefan Balabanov.  On behalf of the families of the victims spoke Kobe Pries. “Six years after the terrorist act we, the families of the dead, continue to expect justice to be served against Hissbula, the organization directly responsible for this crime. We ask the Bulgarian government and the judiciary to apply the law in all its severity to the terrorist organization. Combating terrorism is a global problem that unites the efforts of all peace-keeping countries. We should not step back in front of the face of terrorism. Six years are enough time for all of us to realize what happened, but for the victims time has stopped irrevocably. We are together with them and every day we choose life, knowing that with death they have left an unwritten covenant – to continue to live and fight for our existence, to continue building our only home – the State of Israel and to be proud of it”. Mr. Pries thanked for the organized commemorative ceremony, which he called “a direct expression of the long-standing efforts of the Bulgarian authorities to protect the memory of the victims in the attack”.Participants in the ceremony honored the victims with laying wreaths and flowers.  


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