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Father of a deceased in Burgas’ bombing: The Bulgarian Government must leave behind the narrow political considerations and to charge Hezbollah with no hesitation

With a memorial ceremony has been celebrated the victims’ memory of the terrorist attack on July 18, 2012

“7 years have passed and the blood of the killed ones remains fresh and hot as on the day of their murder. Time does not cure the soul wound, it will never heal. Every new day adds another salty tear and strengthens the pain. Three years ago, in July 2016, a criminal case was opened in the Criminal Court in Sofia, in which an indictment was filed against just two terrorists, accomplices in the attack. We, the grieving families, are asking the Bulgarian government to leave behind the narrow political considerations and to charge Hezbollah with no hesitation. Without Hezbollah, the process has no value. Without Hezbollah, the process will never be effective. Without Hezbollah, there will be no justice for the dead”. With these words, Kobi Pries appealed for justice on behalf of the families of those killed with his speech at the commemoration ceremony of the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attack at Bourgas Airport on July 18, 2012. Then a kamikaze terrorist took the lives of five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian.







To honor Maor Harush, Elyor Pries, Icic Collengi, Amir Menashe, Koshava Shriki and the bus driver Mustafa Kyosev came the relatives of the dead, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Bulgaria- H. E. Irit Lillian, the Transport Minister Rossen Zhelyazkov, the Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry- commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov, the mayor of Burgas- Dimitar Nikolov, the regional governor Valcho Cholakov, MPs, representatives of state and public organizations, representatives of the Bulgarian Jews, and many citizens, who placed many flowers on the memorial.

Representatives of Alef also testified honour and forgetfulness and expressed their determination to resist terrorism.

“At the third minute after the July 18th bombing, they phoned me and told me what had happened at the airport. I remember how I refused to believe, how much pain I experienced … And I still feel! What has happened is commensurate with the September 11 tragedy in New York. We must rise up against the manifestations of hatred in all its forms and fight terrorism by all means”, said the president of center Alef- Alberta Alkalay. The association lie a wreath in front of the memorial, which is on the exact place of the terrorist attack and expressed its sympathy for the incessant pain of the families of the innocent victims.

“After the attack, Bulgaria and the world have changed forever. Both Bulgaria and the world were more innocent. In recent years, this innocence has disappeared. There are political and religious forces that manage the hatred and radicalism with the goal of spreading chaos and causing global instability. The brightest minds have not yet found a cure against the hatred. But we have no choice except to resist, to be united in the fight against terrorism”- summon in her speech H.E. Irit Lillian.

“There are no words that can compensate the grief and the pain, there are no years that can overcome the feeling of oppression of this injustice in the souls,” addressed the the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Rosen Zhelyazkov to the relatives of the deceased. “Terror has no religion and makes no sense; it has only one purpose – to create fear, to shake us in our goals, in our belief in the development and creating fair societies and states, where live free people, professing democratic values ​​and freedom”. He pointed out that along with the international community, the necessary efforts must be made to find a way to stop terrorism in its many different ugly manifestations.

“The assault in Sarafovo has led to reassessment of the national security and highlighted the need to strengthen the co-operation between the institutions at national level and to strengthen the interaction with our international partners”, underlined the head of the political cabinet of the Minister of Interior, Mihail Zlatanov, who read a commemorative address on behalf of Minister Mladen Marinov.

“I will never explain such cruelty, as a mayor and as a person I have not felt so strong feelings and I have not had such critical moments as on that date- 18 July 2012. I come and will continue to come to this place to pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims- said in his speech the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

Traditionally, on the memorial six candles were lit up in memory of each one of the deceased. There was also a Jewish prayer for the souls of the deceased.
















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