Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation

There is no place for Nazism in Bulgaria and ideologies condemned by humanity

Position of Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef”

We are very concerned about the frequent open manifestations of officialization, rehabilitation and praise for the most inhuman regime – the Nazism. Hitler’s obituaries and posters are spreading in Burgas and Dupnitsa. In Sofia are hosted an international forum of native and European neo-Nazi formations. All this is preceded by the annual torch March procession called “Lukov march”, in which the same groups participate.

Why is Bulgaria becoming a tribune to such an anti-human ideology, ill-concealed behind a pseudopatriotic mask? We cannot accept that our country, known as the cradle of tolerance and social nobility over the millennia, which is the only country that have saved nearly 50,000 Jews in the Holocaust, is accepting and experiencing more and more of those manifestations.

These are processes generated and fuelled by circles that seek to control behind the scenes the Bulgarian society. It is no coincidence that neo-Nazi messages and manifestations are manifested through certain political forces. We call on the Bulgarian media to properly read and apply the freedom of speech, not to give a tribune and to promote the ideas rejected by humanity, their leaders and events.

We call on the Bulgarian institutions, such as the Ministry of Interior, DANS, prosecutor’s office, executive and local authorities, to enforce the law and respect the universally established human value system, so as not to allow and promote manifestations, precedents and any other actions that refer to phenomena such as xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, Nazism, religious and social fanaticism, and genocide.

We urge the Bulgarian authorities to react adequately and to be at the height of their political and historical responsibility.

To love your country does not mean to hate the other, the different. Let’s keep Levski’s covenant: “In it / Bulgaria / all peoples will live under the pure and holy laws … and for the Turk, and for the Jew, etc., whatever they may be, it will be the same for all … This is how it’s going be in our Bulgaria. ”

P.S. We attach pictures of Hitler, posted in front of the Court of Appeal in Burgas and an obituary of the same in Dupnitsa, published on the social networks.




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