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The Memorable Days, dedicated to the 75 years from the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews, began in Burgas

The movie “To remember” was screened at the Mathematical High School


The days for anniversary celebrations on the occasion of the 75 years from the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews began in Burgas. The reminders started with the screening of the documentary movie “To Remember” in front of the students from the Mathematical High School in the city. The film is created by Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” and restores the feats of the Bulgarian people and politicians from the sea town against the deportation of their fellow citizens from Jewish origin to the death camps in 1943. The movie was projected on a initiative and under the motto of the high school “Learning from the past, we are acting for the future.”

The celebration of this year’s anniversary, which is a reason for national pride for the humane act of our ancestors, will include a number of events in Burgas. Salvation Memorial Days will last for almost two months and will end with the construction and placement of a memorial sign in the center of Burgas. The monument will be created by the grateful descendants of those who have been saved in gratitude to the Bulgarian people and the worthy personalities of Burgas. The celebrations will also pay tribute to the deported and killed over 11,000 Jews from Vardar Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Pirot during the Holocaust. The young people watched the documentary tape of Albert Alkalay, chairman of the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation with great interest. With great engagement they traced the history of the Burgas’ Jews and their deliverance from the death camps. Alkalay reminded that the Jewish population had coexisted with the Bulgarians for millennia, and that the two ethnic groups always lived in peace and reconciliation. According to her, this is one of the main reasons for the unique act of salvation of the Bulgarian Jews. “Politicians always make certain decisions when they are challenged or oppressed by the people. Such was our intention for the creation of the film “To Remember”, to show the courage and conscience of the average person who is involved in the tragedy of his neighbour, friend, Jewish colleague”, she said.In the following discussion, the young people and teachers united around the conclusion that remembrance should be kept in time. The director of the high school, Krassimir Stoyanov, shared the impressions of his visit along with students, at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. “This is the most evil place I’ve ever been in my life. The pupils experienced emotionally this encounter with the death camp. They cried a lot. As long as I live, I will not forget this concentration camp!” he admitted and expressed his admiration for the impact of the film.

In the picture: the director of the Mathematic School “Acad. Nikola Obreshkov “, history teachers and representatives of “Center” Alef


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