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Eco Trip to the cult places in the vicinity of Primorsko

40 students crossed the route from Begliktash to the Lion Head





On September 23, 2017, an ecotour was organized in the Strandzha Mountain – from the ancient Thracian sanctuary Begliktash to the fortress “Vulchanovo kale”, better known as the Lion Head. In the event, part of Project № СВ – “The path of legends – establishment of new partnerships for development of sustainable cultural – historical tourism”, financed by the INTERREG-IPP CBC Bulgaria-Turkey Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020, took part students from the burgas’ professional school of tourism and their teacher Petya Kudeva, students from Bourgas Free University and fans of mountain tourism.

The group of over 40 people was guided by the professional tour guide Dimitar Dragunov (“Primorsko Sport and Travel”) and crossed 3 kilometers in Strandja through hard-to-reach forest areas and eco-paths. On the way the participants met legendary stone megaliths, remains of a centuries-old Christian chapel and dolmen, participated in interactive games, enjoyed the captivating picturesque views that the hills of the mystic mountain.reveal.
The eco tour, which started from Begliktash sanctuary, on a route through the northern part of the hill has its final destination- the Lion Head with a panorama of the Ropotamo River. According to legends and some archaeological findings, there was the priest’s cave during the Thracians time. In the rocks there is a 12-meter hole called the “Uterus” which leads to underground galleries. In one of them, exactly at 12.00 o’clock in the winter time, a sun ray paves its way through the rocks and served a time orientator.On the hill where the Lion’s head is, the ancient town of Ranuli was located. The remains of the fortress wall surround an area of ​​about 30 000 sq. Km, making it one of the biggest fortress towns in Bulgaria. It is assumed that it was first built by the Thracians, and later rebuilt by Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians.The trip in Strandzha is organized by Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation Alef – a leading partner in the project ” The path of legends – establishment of new partnerships for development of sustainable cultural – historical tourism “, which focuses on a still undeveloped alternative form – legendary tourism.
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