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For the first time in Burgas: Alef shows the true history of the Jews in Warsaw during the Holocaust

The documentary “Who Will Write Our Story” will be screened on January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Center Alef will involve Burgas in key sections of human history again. On January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Robert Grossman’s feature documentary “Who Will Write Our Story,” the right of which only Alef owns, will be presented for the first time in the city.

The unique band is  documentary and recreated in the most effective way the history of the Jewish community in the Warsaw ghetto. Stunning documentary footage is combined with stories of Holocaust survivors in Poland.

Photographic material from this shameful period for the humanity is preserved mostly in footage taken by Hitler soldiers through the lens of the Germans. However, is this the true story? Will the Germans write it? Then will it be reliable? These questions are asked by imprisoned Jews in the ghetto, united by an organization codenamed ” Oyneg Chabes .” Their idea was to collect stories from Jews from the ghetto in Warsaw and to collect an archive that would show the authentic Holocaust situation to the generations.

“Does the world know about our suffering? And if it knows why it is silent? – ask the members of ” Oyneg Chabes ” . The historian Dr. Emmanuel Ringelbloom who is in the center of the organization, attracted 60 adherents – journalists, scholars and leaders of the Jewish ghetto in the Warsaw Ghetto  from 1940 to 1942 . “Jewish history is not about rabbis or philosophers, it is the history of all the nation,” says Dr. Ringelblum. Led by him , members of the secret organization document Jewish life and culture in the hope of being preserved for history . They record eyewitness accounts and collect items – photos, drawings, posters, poems …

The collected archives  reflecting the fate of the Jewish population in the Polish capital from 1940 to 1945 are increasing. The Jewish population itself is decreasing – hundreds die daily from starvation or disease if not killed by savage executioners . The Jewish population was 1/3 of more than one million and 300,000 inhabitants of Warsaw before the Holocaust, that’s nearly 480,000, and by 1945 it was only a few dozen. Only three survive from the group ‘ Oyneg Chabes “. Thanks to two of them, the writer Rachel Auerbach and Hershe Wasser, the archive which was hidden away but subsequently buried under the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto, was discovered. And it becomes possible for the world to see the real picture of destruction.

Such authentic narratives are especially valuable today when we are witnesses of attempts to replace the past and manifestations of anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism.

In 1999, UNESCO added three collections from Poland to its “Memory of the World Registry”: Copernicus’ scientific works, Chopin’s masterpieces and the ” Oyneg Chabes” archives , which in fact represent the true story written by the Jews themselves.

The movie “Who Will Write Our Story” will have a single screening in Burgas on January 27, 2020 from 17.30  in the big hall of the Regional Administration – free entrance .

After the screening the audience  will join the annual campaign of the World Jewish Congress # WeRemember with a photo  to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred, genocide and xenophobia.

The makers of  “Who Will Write Our Story”   also supported the campaign during its world premiere in 2019, marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and 75 years since the release of Auschwitz concentration camp.

About the movie :

“WHO WILL WRITE OUR HISTORY” is a feature documentary that first recreates the history of Warsaw Jews in the Holocaust in this genre . The tape uses our notes from the archive of the secret organization ” Oyneg Chabes”  mixed with new interviews, previously unseen footage and shocking recoveries.

Days after the Nazis imprisoned 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in November 1940, a secret group of journalists, scholars, and leaders of the Jewish community set out there to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda, not with guns or fists, but with a pen and paper. The illegal group is led by historian Emanuel Ringelbloom and he is known by the code name Oyneg Chabes.

The movie is due out in 2018. Its world premiere is on January 27, 2019, simultaneously being screened in over 200 halls in 40 countries .

About the filmmakers:

Roberta Grossman 

Roberta Grossman   – director, screenwriter and producer of the film ” Who will write our history ” , mixed stories from the archives of ” Oyneg Chabes ” with new interviews, rarely seen footage and stunning dramas that take us inside the ghetto and the lives of these brave fighters for resistance.

The films of Roberta Grossman are more than 40 and tell stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of justice. According herself  “making a documentary is like pushing a rock of Sisyphus up the steep mountain. The only way is to have a sense of personal responsibility to tell a story that others wouldn’t tell. “

Nancy Spielberg

One of the film’s executive producers is Steven Spielberg ‘s sister, Nancy. Started work on the early films of her brother, she already has extensive experience in filmmaking. Nancy Spielberg directs her energy and talent into documentary and feature films. Her work on films that have also won many awards is impressive – ” Elusive Justice: The Search for Nazi War Criminals”, “Chernobyl Heart,” “On the Map.” One of her priorities is to preserve the stories and turn them into educational tools for the benefit of the younger generations.

Dr. Emmanuel Ringebloom   has recreated the voice of Adrien Brody , a descendant of Czech Jews, winner of the “Oscar ” for his role in “The Pianist” of Roman Polanski.

Hollywood star Joan Allen  who has three Academy Award nominations and a “Golden Globe”, “Emmy”, “Satellite”, and more. She voices the role of writer Rachel Auerbach.


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