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More than 120 young authors in a contested competition for the awards in the fifth edition of the competition of Center “Alef”

More than 120 students from 30 settlements in Bulgaria sent their works in order to participate in the Fifth Literary Contest “Who saves a human Life, Saves the Whole Universe”. Among them are many debuting young people in this format, as well as familiar names from previous competitions. As usual, most active are students from Kardzhali, Razgrad, Plovdiv and Sofia. Excellent participation this year have Rousse and Burgas.


The theme of the contest, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews and in memory of the 11 343 Jews from Vardar Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Pirot, who died in the death camps, gave the young people a chance to move back or forward with an imaginary time machine through the years. They managed to concentrate on the events in Bulgaria from 1941 to 1943, to think thoroughly over the genesis of the act of salvation of the Bulgarian Jews, to put themselves in such situations and to accept roles that they could have played in the event of similar circumstances in the future.


The ones that have been working on the theme “I was one of the rescued” – 35 secondary school students also done research work by finding out eyewitnesses of the events in 1943 and writing their stories they have added new facts to the pages of the Bulgarian history.

The majority of students – 55 – have written on the theme: “If a time machine “took you back” in Bulgaria in March 1943, what would you do?”

To see through the future and try to predict their behavior in such a situation have chosen 32 young authors.

The competition this year is very serious as well. The figures indicate that the most candidates for first place are from Ruse. Perhaps it is important that the winner of the first prize from the fourth edition of the competition, Manuil Kasabov, who participated in the World Youth Forum in Israel, is their fellow citizen.

The popularity of the literary contest continues to grow with every subsequent edition. “The greatest satisfaction for the organizers is not only the number of the participants, but also the creative interpretation of the themes, which speaks for a serious reflection on the value system and the responsibility of the young people for the future of the humanity. The works speak further for diligence and ambition to show a good language culture “, says Alberta Alkalay, chairman of Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef “. Now the competent jury has the final word: Mihailina Pavlova – Editor in the Bulgarian National Radio, Hristo Botev Program, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper “Hebrew News” and La Estreya Magazine, and members Rumen Leonidov- a poet, publicist and publisher of the site and Assen Yordanov – journalist and director of the site Who did the best will become clear on April 11, when the winners will be awarded at a solemn ceremony in Burgas.


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