Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation

Center Alef participates in the ceremony for the opening of the Salvation Memorial in Tel Aviv

The monument

A memorial of salvation, dedicated to the Bulgarians, who prevented the deportation of the Jews to the Nazi death camps and the rescued nearly 48,000 Jews, was opened with a solemn ceremony on September 5, 2018, in Charles Clor Park in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel. The monument is also in memory of the nearly 11,000 Jews from the newly liberated Bulgarian lands, who died during the Second World War. The event was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, representatives of the Bulgarian community in Israel and a Bulgarian government delegation headed by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. Part of the delegation was also Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef”, represented by the chairperson -Alberta Alkalay and the representative of the organization in Israel -Liora Asa.

The monument is opened by Benjamin Netanyahu and Boyko Borisov

Alef was included in the official Bulgarian delegation for its contribution to preserving the memory among young people, expanding the historical knowledge and popularizing the heroic action of the Bulgarians, who during the dark years of the Second World War, refused to sacrifice their fellow-Jews.

“This monument has its twin brother in Sofia. Today a historic justice has been restored. This is not the result of an eccentric idea. The placement of two identical monuments in the capitals of Bulgaria and the State of Israel has a profound meaning-the two countries, our both nations recognize the historical fact of rescuing all 48,000 Bulgarian Jews and honour the memory of their rescuers”- said Borisov at the opening of the monument.

Liora Asa/in left/ and Alberta Alkalay

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out that the Jews never forget their real friends and in those dark times only the Bulgarian and Danish people advocated for them.

“The rescue of the Jews is the greatest moral capital of the Bulgarian people. That is why we at Center Alef have set ourselves the goal of reminding about this humane act, which should not be forgotten. Young people must know that “Who saves one human life, saves a whole universe”. “The message of Talmud is particularly relevant today- said Alberta Alkalay at a meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian community in Israel.

“Please deliver the love of Israel to Bulgaria”- said Ishak Ino, the representative of the Bulgarian community in Israel.

The monument of salvation is created by architect Momchil Tsvetkov. It is identical to the monument erected in 2016 by the National Assembly of Bulgaria.

During the opening ceremony, the hymns of Israel and Bulgaria were performed, and children from the Bulgarian school in Tel Aviv brought sensuality and nostalgia through Pepo Levi’s poem “Splitted Heart”, written and performed in Bulgarian.


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(български) Пълен запис от церемонията по награждаване на участниците от VII Национален младежки литературен конкурс на “Алеф”

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(български) Ден на спасението на българските евреи от Холокоста – RNTV репортаж

VI Национален литературен конкурс

VI national literary contest

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Award Ceremony 'Keeper of Memory'

Пети национален литературен конкурс

Award ceremony for the participants in the V national literary contest

Откриване на паметна плоча, посветена на доблестните бургазлии спасили своите съграждани евреи

Opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in Burgas



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