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Shimon Peres’s son will take the message of Bulgarian students about the future and peace in Israel

Alef gave Chemi Peres the essay collection from the National Literary Contest

Chemi Peres, the son of one of the most influential politicians of the nowadays and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres, came to Bulgaria specifically for the presentation of his father’s autobiographical book “No Place for Little Dreams.” The Bulgarian premiere of the World bestseller book was on June 19 in the National Library “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Sofia.

He presented the book, which his father finished just a few weeks before his death, and told the attendees what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a world-wide figure, taking an example of his behaviour and learning from the logic of a respected politician.

The president of Center Alef Alberta Alkalay told how the messages of Shimon Peres touched the hearts and minds of the Bulgarian youths. She presented to the guest the initiative of Alef- Bulgarian students to write based on 6 chosen quotes by Shimon Peres. Inspired by his universal thesis, nearly 200 young people of different ethnic backgrounds, some of whom until then knew very little about Israel and the Jews, joined the National Student Literary Competition and wrote their essays.
The authors of the best works gathered on the stage of the puppet theatre in Burgas to participate in a spectacle called “Class of dreams”. Through Mr. Lindvergs’s film “Mr. Israel”, they met in absentia with Shimon Peres and firmly declared their readiness to follow his advice and never stop pursuing their dreams.

The best essays Center Alef gathered in a collection entitled “Who saves one human life, saves a whole universe,” and Chemi Peres will take with him to Israel as a gift the messages of the Bulgarian youth.

Chemi Peres follows his father’s deeds, realizing his vision by supporting his numerous initiatives and activities in the field of peace and innovation. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, one of the leading non-profit organizations in Israel, established in 1996 by Shimon Peres. He also runs the Israeli Center for Innovation, a pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative and modern peacekeeping programs in the field of innovation, education, medicine, business and environment.

For the last 21 years, these initiatives have brought together thousands of Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, who work together on major projects. Chemi Peres is a key figure for many high-tech companies – partner, co-founder, member of several board of directors, founder of investment committees and technology incubators.

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(български) Пълен запис от церемонията по награждаване на участниците от VII Национален младежки литературен конкурс на “Алеф”

(български) VII национален младежки литературен конкурс

(български) Ден на спасението на българските евреи от Холокоста – RNTV репортаж

VI Национален литературен конкурс

VI national literary contest

Церемония по връчване званието '"Пазител на паметта"

Award Ceremony 'Keeper of Memory'

Пети национален литературен конкурс

Award ceremony for the participants in the V national literary contest

Откриване на паметна плоча, посветена на доблестните бургазлии спасили своите съграждани евреи

Opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in Burgas



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