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Тhe National Literary Student Competition “Whoever Saves One’s Life, Saves A Whole Universe” has begun

Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” announces The Fifth National Student Literary Competition for essays. The Creative Race is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews from the death camps during the Second World War.

The literary works should be inspired by the historical events, related to the deliverance of nearly 48,000 Bulgarian Jews and the deportation of 11,343 Jews from Vardar Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Pirot in 1943 to the Nazi concentration camps.

In the competition can participated students from 8th to 12th grade from the whole country. They can choose between three topics for their essays:

First Topic: If a time machine “took” you back in Bulgaria in March 1943, what would you do?

Second Topic: If in the future there is a political regime that executes a genocide over a particular ethnic group, what choice would you make and what sacrifices could you endure?

The evaluation of the jury will take into account the knowledge of historical events and the personal position, expressed in the creative interpretation of the themes.

Third Topic: I was one of the saved ones…

The essays on this topic should be based on the authentic history of a Bulgarian Jew, who survived the events in March 1943. The jury will appreciate the research spirit of the authors – the search for eyewitnesses or their heirs, as well as the creative reproduction of their memories.

The competition will begin on  October 10th, 2017. Participants must submit their works by February  10th,2018 at: or to the following address:  8000 Burgas, Baba Ganka Square №4, floor 4 for Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef”.

Books that will help students in the competition:

Gilburt, Martin „Pravednite. Nevuzpetite geroi na Holocosta”

Koen, Lea „Ti vyarvash: 8 pogleda vurhu holokosta na Balkanite”

Anne Frank “The diary of a young girl”

Bar-Zoar, Michael „Beyond Hitler’s Grasp”

„Koi spasi bulgarskite evrei” – memories of Peter Dunov’s students

Koleva, Daniela „Bulgaria-Izrael. Razkazi za dve strain I dve epohi”

Minev, Ilko „Predi da zamlukna”

Todorov, Tcvetan „Totalitarniqt opit“

Nassim, Gabriel “The man who stopped Hitler: The history of Dimitur Peshev, who saved the Jews of an entire nation ”

Grinberg, Natan “Documents”

Pasi, Rozaliya „Da si spomnish s obich”

Materials on the topic can also be found in the virtual library of Center Alef’s website:

The competition will be evaluated by a prestigious jury, headed by Mihailina Pavlova, senior editor of the Bulgarian National Radio, Hristo Botev, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper “Evreiski Vesti” and magazine “La Estreya” and members: Rumen Leonidov – poet and publisher of the site ‘’Fakel. Bg’’ and Asen Yordanov – journalist and director of the site “”.

The results of the competition will be announced in a ceremony in March, 2018.

The prizes will be as follow:

I place – participation in a one-week international congress for young leaders in Herzlia, Israel at the expense of the organizers

II place – 300 leva

III place – 200 leva

The best authors from all over the country will take part in the solemn award ceremony in Burgas in March 2018



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