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Bulgarian and Turkish artists participated in the first Festival of Legends









Traditions and mysteries from the Strandzha Mountain came to life on the stage of the amphitheater in Primorsko on September 23rd. They were recreated by Bulgarian and Turkish art groups at the Festival of Legends, organized by the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” – Bourgas and the Association for Study of Crops Border Cultures in Edirne, Turkey.

In front of numerous audiences young performers showed their artistic reading of mystical stories on both sides of the border, passed down from generation to generation. While the Bulgarian ensembles played the dance and the pantomime as an interpretation of the legends, the Turkish actors presented themselves with a drama combined with a shadow theater. The host Valeri Elichov and the translator Gergana Mutafchieva told the legends in Bulgarian and Turkish.

The legends of Ropotamo River and the founding of the city of love-Ahtopol were created by the dances of Dance Studio R, led by Rossen Metodiev and Vanya Mavrova. The folklore ensemble “Lazur”, led by Boycho Yanev, told the legend about the dragon bride Elena. The guests from Edirne – the Theater Company led by Erdogan Eggen and a folk group from the Association for Culture and Folklore led by Ahmed Djotler recreated a legend for Orest as the founder of Edirne and miracultures that are told on the other side of the Strandja Mountain. Fireworks additionally contributed to the world of mystic and the crowd in front of the amphitheatre appallingly applauded every performance.
The begginingof the festival was given by the President of the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” -Alberta Alkalay. She expressed confidence that this festival will become traditional and thanks to Primorsko Municipality for the warm welcoming of the initiative.  A special greeting to the participants and the audience of the festival presented also a folklore ensemble from Ploiesti, Romania. The Festival of Legends is an attempt to present some of the mysteries of Strandzha – from the Bulgarian and the Turkish side, which attract curiosity and attract visitors to its mystical places. In addition to attracting viewers, it is also a way of attracting new admirers of romance, mysticism and primacy that the mountain generously provides.
The event is part of project № СВ – “The path of legends – establishment of new partnerships for development of sustainable cultural – historical tourism “, financed by Cross-border Cooperation Program INTERREG-IPP CBC Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020. Leading partner is Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation Alef. Association for Study of Crops Border Cultures in Edirne, Turkey is the partner from Turkey.

This publication is made with the support of the European Union through the INTERREG-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bulgaria-Turkey, CCI No 2014TC16I5CB005. The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of <E.Djordjeva / CESB “Aleph> and should in no way be taken as an expression of the opinion of the European Union or the Managing Authority of the Program.

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