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Center “Alef” and young people from Burgas honor the Holocaust victims

Learning from the past, we are acting for the future, say students from the Mathematical High School

The marking of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day – 27th of January, is traditionally on the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation Alef’s calendar. This year it marks the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews and the deportation of 11,343 Jews from Vardar Macedonia, Western Thrace and Pirot to the Nazi camps.

The commemorative event is aimed at young people to be involved in the interpretation of historical facts with a reference to the present and the future. It will take place on January 25th together with the students from the Mathematical High School “Prof. Nikola Obreshkov” under the motto” Learning from the past, acting for the future “. In front of 150 students from the 9th and 10th grade the documentary film “To Remember” by Alberta Alcalay will be presented, the movie recreates the events in Burgas that led to the rescue of the Burgas Jews in 1943.

The film revives part of the history of Burgas as a city of tolerance and solidarity. On the tape are authentic stories of people who share their stories and memories, facsimiles of archival documents and photos. The film shows a number of worthy personalities who have relieved the fate of the Jewish population in Burgas and who have opposed their deportation to the Nazi death camps.

After the screening, the students will also take part in a discussion with the filmmakers.

Every year Center “Alef” dedicates various initiatives to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In honor of the victims of the Holocaust, 12 poets of Burgas have made their messages about the universal values ​​in the poetic evening “Memory as a Salvation”. With a commemorative evening, “The Language of History” along with “Alef”, the students from the High School for foreign languages “Vasikl Levski” and the Bourgas Writers’ Association paid tribute to the victims of Hitlero-fascism. The words of the writer who survived from the Nazi camps Elie Wiesel, “If we forget, we are accomplices,” united young people and adults who categorically declared “We remember”!

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