Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation

Center “Alef”and Anne Frank House in Amsterdam will work closely together

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam will collaborate with Center “Alef” on projects related to current issues. The museum team took to heart the transformation of the literary competition “Whoever saves one human life, saves a whole universe” into an international one and is already promoting it among schools in the Netherlands.
In addition to offering a wealth of historical information, presented through texts, photographs and objects of Anne Frank and people persecuted by the Nazis, the Anne Frank House organizes events that bridge the gap between history and modernity. New interesting opportunities for joint activities between the museum and Center “Alef” are opening up in this area. Particularly promising is the collaboration with the youth network created at the Anne Frank House, which creates online events focused on topics such as anti-Semitism, discrimination, equality, social justice. The initiative of the youth network, which unites young people who want to make the world fairer, aims to connect and talk openly on issues of concern to today’s human society through virtual communication.
The first online meeting on the history of Anne Frank, World War II and identity, prejudice and discrimination, then and now, was a great success, according to the museum. The next online youth event is scheduled for Monday, April 12, at 5 pm CET. The topic and all additional information will be announced on the Anne Frank House account on Instagram.
Center “Alef” recommends that its young friends from the country respond to the Amsterdam initiative and show their empathy for global issues aimed at the future of humanity as a whole. Joining the youth network is now available by registering via this link: .
Participating in the online discussion is a chance for young people to express themselves as Europeans who have the potential to change the present responsibly for the future.
In addition to online events, the Anne Frank House is creating a training program to teach young people the skills they need to moderate a discussion. Bulgarian youth can also join this training by signing up by sending a short email to
The activities of the Anne Frank House come from the Netherlands and spread to more than 50 countries. Developed educational programs and products based on Anne’s life story, in which anti-Semitism, prejudice, unequal treatment and denial of human rights play an important role, inspire young people around the world and connect with their lives. Making these issues the subject of discussion is a great opportunity to change attitudes and views of the world.

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