Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation

Center “Alef” started educational meetings with students in Burgas

Different topics about the numerous religious communities and the creation of one unified society are covered in curricula

Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation Alef started a series of educational meetings with students from different classes in Burgas’ schools. The purpose of the meetings is to present to the children and young people in an interesting interactive way using the history, culture and religion of the Jews, how they have come in our lands, the common roots and the relationship between Bulgarians and Jews over the centuries. Topics are covered in the curriculum for 5 and 7 grades. In an out-of-school environment in an informal, interesting and easily accessible way, children will broaden their knowledge of history, geography, learn more about moral principles, tolerance and worthy manifestations of civil society in Bulgaria.

In mid-December, in the former Burgas synagogue, today an art gallery, several of the planned educational meetings will be held, involving nearly 100 children. Students from the 5th grade of Alexander Georgiev – Kodjakafaliata School will learn about the religion, rituals and culture of the ancient Jews, how and why they inhabited our lands, when and how the people confessing different faiths become community. The children will understand that Bulgarians and Jews have long been a community bound by friendship and neighbourhood.

In December, there will also be a meeting with 7th graders from “St. Kiril and Methodius” School, participants in a historic club in the school. According to their curriculum, they will become familiar with interesting and little-known facts from the new history of Bulgaria and will be involved in the lessons it teaches us. The theme of the salvation of Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust will be examined through the chronicle of the birthplace. Students will also learn about the tragic destiny and destruction of nearly 12,000 Jews from Vardar Macedonia and the Sea cost.

Center Alef has set out to study and promote the deep cultural and historical ties between the two nations in the millennia, to show that the cosmopolitan and tolerant atmosphere in Bulgarian society is alive and to transforms Bulgaria into a modern and open world. “Our organization will continue the educational meetings with students in Bourgas, because this is one of the ways to respond to the recent upsurge of xenophobic and anti-Semitic moods in the country”, said Alberta Alkalay, head of Center Alef.

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