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Increased interest towards the fifth literary contest “Who saved one hu...

More than a month before the deadline Center Alef is already receiving works for the competition from across the country. More than a month before the expiry of the fifth edition of the literary competition “Who saved one human life, saves a whole universe” Center “Alef” is already receiving essays from different parts [...]

Jewish traditions come to life in front of students from Bourgas

In the days of one of the brightest Jewish holidays- Hanukkah, Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” realized one of its newest initiatives aimed at the young people of Bourgas. The Feast of Light was a great occasion for the beginning of a series of meetings with children from the city, through which they could learn abo [...]

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukka is! For eight days in all synagogues and in every Jewish family in the world, the candles are lit in the ritual candlestick – the Hanukia. There is a main candle, called a shamasha, who occupies a central place and preserves the hanukias’ sanctuary from desecration. The other candles corresponding to the next day of the holiday [...]

A new initiative of Center Alef supports the school curriculum

“Know the other to understand him”. This paraphrase of the popular expression is an appropriate motto of the latest initiative of Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef”, aimed at students in Burgas. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the destruction in the Nazi concentra [...]

Center “Alef” started educational meetings with students in Burga...

Different topics about the numerous religious communities and the creation of one unified society are covered in curricula Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation Alef started a series of educational meetings with students from different classes in Burgas’ schools. The purpose of the meetings is to present to the children and young people in [...]

VI Национален литературен конкурс


Пети национален литературен конкурс

Откриване на паметна плоча, посветена на доблестните бургазлии спасили своите съграждани евреи



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