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Galentin Vlahov

Dear friends!

I would like to express my genuine gratitude for the fact, that you have involved me to be part of an exceptional, humane and touching event, which was organized from the center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation ‘Alef’. I was deeply impressed by the atmosphere of mutual respect and gratitude, personal traits which are not very common among us. I am thinking that these are the real human relationships and your target topic regarding the First World War is really precise and relevant. Why? Despite that the young generation depicts those hurtful times in their essays and emphasizes the heroic deeds of our ancestors. And it was precisely the war back in that time of history where humanity in it’s all absurdness overcomes the human recklessness. And that should not be the case! Humanity must be nurtured.

And there is another thing! It has been said that the tolerance between the different religions and faiths is the one of the main human virtues. Hence the higher moral and ethics has in its core something bigger- kindheartedness. It is present in that hanging point – between life and death. The redemption can be achieved when we carry compassion within our harts forever.

That is why I appreciate so highly the topic and the organized by you event!

Be healthy and good luck!

Galentin Vlahov

Stoyan Gechkov /student in National commerce school - Plovdiv/

Dear all,

Thank you for the invitation! I am very happy that I’ve had the possibility to take part in this competition. Unfortunately, due to health reasons I won’t be able to attend the awarding ceremony tomorrow. Nevertheless, I will still follow the news in your website with great interest.

I will take this opportunity to congratulate you for everything you are doing in the name of the cooperation between Bulgarians and Jews. I would like to say congratulations and express my gratitude for the creation of this literature competition, which you have established as a tradition!  From one side this patriotic cause gives a chance for the young people to express their opinion on important matters that concern the state of Bulgaria and to express their civic duty. From another point of view this cause reminds us of the past which shall not be forgotten because taking part in such initiatives means knowing our history. Events of this kind give me hope for the future of our country.

Yours faithfully

Stoyan Getchkov

German High School ‘Goethe’ Burgas

We would like to thank the Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation ‘Alef’ and the authors of the documentary ‘To remember’  Alberta Alkalay, Elka Vasileva, Assen Yordanov for the exciting event that took place in German High school Goethe, Burgas honoring the Day of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews. The movie ‚To remember‘ is for us a lesson in philanthropy, solidarity and tolerance. It is also a shout out for standing up for people’s rights as well as a reminder that we are descendants of those people from Burgas who have saved the Bulgarian Jews.

German High School ‘Goethe’ Burgas




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