Center for Jewish-Bulgarian cooperation


1. Creating initiatives that provide good examples of integration between Bulgarians and Jews;

2. Researching and promoting the deep cultural and historical ties between Bulgarians and Jews throughout history;

3. Developing cultural, social and economic ties with Jewish and Israeli institutions, companies and individuals;

4. Demonstrating that the cosmopolitan and tolerant atmosphere in Bulgarian society is alive and is turning our country into a modern and open entity;

5. Promoting the unique act of rescuing 50,000 Bulgarian Jews during World War II and giving due respect and gratitude to those Bulgarians who contributed to it;

6. Showing that Jews are people with ancient traditions and morality, having deep roots in Bulgarian society without losing their identity;

7. Creating connections and communication between Jewish and Bulgarian organizations and communities to carry out joint projects in all sectors of social, economic and cultural life;

8. Promoting better communication between official institutions and political and administrative entities of the States of Israel and Bulgaria;

9. Actively working to promote trust and to enhance cooperation between Jewish and Bulgarian people, their countries and their diaspora;

10. Protecting fundamental human and constitutional rights of its members before the State, its bodies and other social and political organizations in all cases when necessary;

11. Countering any form of fascism, xenophobia, totalitarianism anti-democracy, terrorism, racism, anti-Semitism and all other inhuman and condemned by human civilization ideologies and practices that constitute crimes against humanity;

12. Strengthening relations with other ethnic communities in the spirit of generally accepted human values – respect, understanding and tolerance;

13. Informing about and promoting individual and socially-significant contributions of Jews to science and to the economic, educational and cultural life of the Bulgarian society;

14. Preserving, promoting and developing Jewish and Bulgarian ethnic, linguistic and cultural values and traditions;

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